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Leadership Guide

Leadership certification allows you to start leading a fire team (standard 4-man infantry element), a support element (2-3 man weapons team)
or lead the second vehicle in an armored element if there is one.

Important things to note about Leadership:
● Your navigation skills need to be perfect, and you must have good problem solving skills.
● Panicking will help nobody, if you are prone to losing your cool, do not take on this responsibility.
● A fire team leader or Weapons leader making a mistake can lead to the annihilation of the entire platoon.
● Good communication skills and comfort on the radio is vital to being an effective leader.


Unit cohesion is a military concept, defined by one former United States Chief of staff in the early 1980s as “the bonding together
of soldiers in such a way as to sustain their will and commitment to each other, the unit,
and mission accomplishment, despite combat or mission stress”.

In other words, this means that even when shit hits the fan, the platoon remains organized, manages to regroup, and completes the mission at any cost.

● As a fire team or support team leader, your role within the pursuit of unit cohesion is by far the most important.
● You are in command of the actual bulk of our assets, from infantry to sometimes even armor.
● Your ability to keep your men on task is paramount to the success of any operation.

Required Skills

● Advanced Radio Operation (Refer to ACRE 2 guide HERE)
● Basic knowledge of Conventional Infantry Tactics.
● Clear Fluency In English.
● Good communication skills.
● Ability to manage and enforce our rules on your element members refer to Arma 3 rules HERE.
● Patience and the ability to follow a plan.
● Excellent land navigation skills.