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Setup Guide

Step 1 - Introduction

Follow this guide, step by step and you should be setup correctly to play with us!

If you get any issues, don’t hesitate to ask in our #technical_support channel on discord.

Step 2 - Rules and Guidelines

  1. Go to our Rules and Guidelines at: http://olympus-gaming.com/rules/
  2. Read it carefully and be sure you are comfortable with the times and guidelines before continuing. Failure to follow the rules will result in you being removed from the unit or being denied basic certificate training.

Step 3 - Discord Setup

  1. We use Discord for all community related discussions and announcements, we expect everyone to have discord on their computers running to receive these messages.
    Download the Discord client via this link: https://discordapp.com/api/download?platform=win
  2. Create a discord account and once logged into the desktop app, join our server via this link: https://discord.gg/57xvTHT

Step 4 - Apply for Basic Training

  1. To be able to play in our sessions you must first take our basic training session with one of our instructors.
  2. To apply for this basic training, go to the following Google Form and fill in the details: Google Form
You’ll be contacted via Discord usually within a day.

Step 5 - Teamspeak Setup (Once you have been accepted for Basic)

  1. We use Teamspeak 3 as the in-game communication service via ACRE. Whenever your in one of our games, you will be in our Teamspeak server.
  2. Download the Teamspeak 3 64bit client via this link: LINK
  3. Open up the client and ignore any messages telling you to update your client.
  4. Add our server as a bookmark with these settings:
    Address: play.olympus-gaming.com
    Bookmark Name: Olympus Gaming
    Nickname: Your INGAME Arma 3 Name
    Server Password: juno853
  5. Try joining the server, if successful you may close down Teamspeak.

Step 6 - Mod Setup

  1. Follow the link below and subscribe to the addon.
  2. Open the Arma 3 Launcher via Steam.
  3. Unload all mods via the “Unload All” button at the top right.
  4. Load the Olympus Mod and allow it to load all the dependency addons.
  5. Wait for the addons to finish downloading and activating.
  6. Congrats you are now finished with the mods.

If we update our pack by removing or adding new mods, simply just unload all mods and activate the Olympus mod again to get the required mods.

Step 7 - ACRE Setup

  1. When your mods are setup and activated, load into Arma by clicking Play at the bottom left. Make sure Teamspeak is not running at this stage!
  2. A message box should appear during addon initiation that ACRE2 Teamspeak plugin has been installed. If you get a error in this message saying it could not install, relaunch the game again but make sure Teamspeak 3 is installed and is not running!
  3. If it says your plugin is setup, quit the game when you reach the main menu and open Teamspeak. Go to Tools > Options > Addons and make sure ACRE2 is enabled. You are now done!
  4. If you have the TFAR plugin also, make sure it’s disabled during play as it will cause issues with ACRE.