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Our Mission

Olympus Gaming aims to provide its members with a sense of community,
this includes having weekly events on various games that people can enjoy together.

What we are about

Long Established Arma Unit

We have been conducting Arma sessions every weekend for over 5 years. These sessions aim to provide an immersive and engaging experience, that requires effective teamwork and communication to succeed.

Committed Star Citizen Organization

Following and playing the Alpha since 2015, Olympus Incorporated is destined to set out into the verse with its already immense fleet and secure our future.

Rainbow Six Siege Team

Playing since the release in 2015, Olympus is always looking out for talented players to join the team, for both casual and competitive ranked games, from Silver ranks all to the way to Platinum.

Project Zomboid Server

With the long awaited Build 41 Multiplayer just around the corner, we aim to run a medium-sized white-listed server that gives players an immersive zombie simulator experience.

Ready to get started?

Joining our Discord server is the first step.