Basic Training

Important Notes: No instructor, at any time during the training, may access the arsenal for any purpose other than to retrieve instruction tools, such as rocket launchers and extra medical supplies. If you as an instructor are distracting new recruits by taking out custom loadouts to “look cool” you will be instantly removed as an instructor, no exceptions, even if it just grabbing one hat.
The point is to keep the recruits focused on the task at hand, and finish the training as quickly as possible. Also, you will treat all new recruits with respect, no matter their background or aptitude and be patient if they have trouble understanding something.
Anyone unable to comply will be removed as an instructor, no questions asked.

Curriculum, cover all these points and make sure the recruits do it themselves AFTER you show them how.
Don’t just talk, have them do everything you’re teaching them to do.


Go to the “Basic Training Facility” on the Olympus HQ scenario, there you can find all the equipment and resources needed for basic training.

Sound and Radio

Go over the following points, make sure they understand the points fully and can demonstrate themselves.

● 3D Audio
● Show how terrain, distance and obstructions effect transmission quality.
 Speaking volume with TAB key.
 Basic radio usage, encourage use of Shift + Caps Lock and Ctrl + Caps Lock to talk over radios instead of just using Caps Lock.
(This prevents people from using the wrong radio later on.)
 Basic Radio Protocol, using “over”, “break”, “copy” etc.
 Comms check.
 Basic radio configuration, change channel on 343 and 148/152, change radio volume, set radio to a specific ear, etc.
 Reminder to not interrupt over comms unless it’s an emergency, in the case use the “break, break” phrase.

View Distance Settings

Show them the CH view distance settings via Ctrl + \ (US Keyboards) and make them set a good value for all the options, for example: 2000m for Foot and Ground Vehicles and 4000m for Air vehicles.
EXPLAIN to them the FOV and Dynamic sync options, how FOV/zooming effects how far away objects render.

ACE Interaction

Show them these points when it comes to interacting.

● Joining groups (Mention that you should never swap groups unless told to by a leader)
 Changing team color
 Picking up boxes
 Interacting with ACRE radios within Self Interaction
 Swapping tires on a vehicle
 Refueling and Rearming vehicles
 Attaching objects to self (Chem-lights/IR Strobes)
 Planting explosives and detonating them through Triggers and Timers)
 ACE Pointing

ACE Medical

Basic Medical, walk them through basic tourniquet, splint and morphine use as well as basic bandages, shoot them in a leg and walk them through how to treat it themselves. Make sure they understand the difference between treating yourself, and treating other people and how to do it.


Have them go into their configuration, remove their “G” throw key, leaving it empty, then proceed to show them our grenade system, and how to use it safely.

Remind them to yell “FRAG OUT” not “Grenade” when throwing, as grenade can imply an enemy explosive landing near your position.

AT Launcher

At this point you may access the arsenal for the singular purpose of grabbing enough m136 (HEDP) rocket tubes for each trainee and yourself. Have each trainee choose a shooting station, and walk them through Clear Backblast vs. Backblast Clear, remember, the one shooting the rocket says “Clear Backblast!”
The Spotter yells “Backblast Clear!” Remind them any man who hears an AT man yell “Clear Backblast” has the responsibility of helping the AT man check that he’s clear. If not clear, instruct them to yeal “NOT CLEAR” or “Don’t Shoot!”

Crossing under Fire

Crossing under fire properly is essential in any scenario, ensure that they understand how to properly cross in front of a friendly element engaging hostile contact. The person crossing must yell the person in front of whom they are crossing’s name, so lets say I was shooting down range, and Razz was crossing in front of me (Jobfather), he would yell “Job, Crossing!” I would then acknowledge that I will stop shooting and yell back “Clear” allowing razz to pass in front of me safely in a firefight.

Rules of Engagement

Green – Engage all confirmed hostiles on sight
Yellow– Only engage when fired upon
Red– Do not engage for any reason until given permission to do so.


That’s really it, once they’ve finished their basic shoot me a message with their Teamspeak name and notify me that they have completed their training, feel free to show off our mods and if they want to, let them stick around and try out all our guns. Remember follow this guide to a T, i will be listening in on your trainings at first to make sure you are following the rubric, failure to follow the rubric will result in termination of instructor status.

Once you have given a person their basic training you must do the following: 
Give them the Teamspeak Trained Tag. Go onto our certificates Google Doc and add the person’s in-game name to the list of names on the left, add your name under the “Basic Instructor” column for that entry and then add the current date to the Basic Date cell, telling us when this basic was conducted.

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