Helicopter Test

The helicopter certificate is to show to us that a person can effectively do the following:

● Take-off, Fly and Land various helicopters.
● Night-time flying with NVGs
● Sling Loading (Advanced Slingloading or Default Slingloading)
● Transport troops using proper protocol (Players only dismount when pilot says so, chooses safe landing zones etc.)
● Perform basic Close Air Support.

Things to look out for

In order for a pass mark to be given, the pilot must complete the tasks given within the following criteria:

● Fly safely, no risking the helicopter by performing stunts or too low to buildings etc.
● Fly effectively, slowing down at appropriate times when coming into land and not taking too long.
● They should be used to using waypoint markers for everything, marking LZs, CAS etc.
● Using proper protocol when using radio and transporting troops.
● Any damage on landing will require them to redo the whole scenario with a new Helicopter, if they cause damage again end the test and fail them.

Basic Operation

Spawn at the airfield with the pilot and spawn a RHS US Army Blackhawk in an appropriate location such as a helipad, taxiway etc and mark the pad with a marker on the map named (Base LZ).
Ask the pilot to get in and ride in the co-pilot position with them.

Look for a location on the map in the open such as a field and place a LZ marker there, tell them to take off, land at that LZ and fly back.

Do this 3 times with different LZs, in different areas/terrains. The last LZ should be impossible to land at (Forest or rocky mountain top), make them pick a safe/suitable landing zone that troops could deploy from.

Swap the Blackhawk out for a RHS US Army Chinook and do the same as before but completely new LZs.

Perform this again but at nighttime with a full moon, make the pilot use the RHS AN/PVS 14 monocular NVGs.


Spawn a Blackhawk and make the pilot take off.

Spawn a few cargo boxes and coordinate with the pilot for him to drop multiple ropes, extend them if necessary, attach the cargo and fly away to drop them off at a set location.

Do not use the Vanilla Sling-loading system

Troop Transport

Spawn a Blackhawk, load yourself in the back as a passenger and tell the pilot to drop you off at locations marked on the map (Open areas, deep forest, mountainous etc), make sure the pilot follows proper protocol:

Pilot tells passengers when to disembark
Chooses safe landing zone
Changes landing zone if initial zone is too unsafe to land

Close Air Support

Spawn a RHS Little-bird Light (Miniguns and Rockets), tell the pilot to setup around a AO (Town, village etc), take notice of the following protocol during these scenario:

Pilot should setup a holding pattern around the AO, shouldn’t be hovering near the AO or low down.
Should follow proper radio communication protocol when CAS strikes are called in.
Use the appropriate weapon for the job (Not wasting rockets on small groups of troops etc)
Doing very low passes as this can allow enemy combatants to deal significant damage to the aircraft.
Spawn a small group of soldiers somewhere and set them to patrol around, mark their location on the map and call in the pilot via proper radio protocol to strike the target, detailing what the contact is and good approach vectors.

Spawn a small convoy of 3 Ural RHS trucks and set them to drive along a long road across an area, inform the pilot that he must stop the convoy before it reaches it’s destination, mark the start and end point of the convoy on the map and make the pilot scout the road for the convoy and destroy it.

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