Medic Training

The medical training contains all the advanced medical knowledge found in the medical player guide. All this will be covered in two parts


As Instructor, you will ask random questions about the whole advanced medical system for example:

● Golden rule of a medic
● Heart rate (numbers)
● Blood pressure (numbers)
● Autoinjectors and their functionality
 Functionality of tourniquets and the result if not removed after bandaging
 Defibrillator and CPR
 Process of treating a patient


1. Get another player and tell him to run into an open field
2. Shoot him until he is unconscious
3. Randomly shoot to simulate a firefight, causing the medic to remember the golden rule of a medic
4. Observe the treatment process carefully, do not answer questions at any time, he has to use his knowledge
5. Push his speed if he takes too long, bring him to his limits. It is very important to have competent medics on the field
6. Assign medic tag on the Google doc if both parts (theory and practical test) were successful

Failure at any point of the training such as not knowing the numbers for heart rate and blood pressure or function of the autoinjectors (also includes the actual name like Epinephrine or Morphine) will end the training and the applicant has to apply for a new medical training session

Training also fails if the applicant is too slow and the patient dies trough blood loss or a mistake in the treatment process (such as too much morphine)
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