Arma 3

Global Rules

  1. Harassment of other players is prohibited.
  2. During the mission’s setup phases (Slotting, Loading, Briefing and Staging) non leadership personnel are restricted from talking for any reason besides mission critical situations. Team leaders are required by their role to keep their team members following this rule.
  3. Meta-gaming is strictly prohibited, the use of any out of game information to gain tactical knowledge is forbidden.
  4. Chatting inside of SideGroupGlobal or Command is NOT allowed after slotting is started, these channels are only allowed for markers and mission critical situations(See Rule 2).
  5. Play your character, if you are playing as a professional army such as the US or UK you must play the part, for example, shooting at the end of a mission for no reason is forbidden when playing as a professional army.
  6. Listen and pay attention to any briefings.
  7. You must comply and follow the orders of any command element above you.
  8. Going AFK for longer than 5 minutes after the slotting phase of the mission has been completed will result in you being removed from the mission. If you are going AFK, please notify your leader about this, including why and how long you should be.
  9. The use of glitching or exploiting for any reason is forbidden.
  10. Using English is required in any communication at any time during the mission. The only exception to this rule is if an entire element all know a different language, they can use their native language, but any out-bound communication or when your close to another element must be in English
  11. A working microphone is required.
  12. If you plan to attend a mission (An individual mission), you must have at least 2 hours free from any real life plans. If you leave during a mission due to real life plans that were prior known, admin action will be taken.
  13. Obtaining enemy equipment without authorization from a leadership personnel is prohibited. Obtaining enemy radios it’s strictly prohibited under all situations.

Recording / Streaming Our Sessions

If you plan to post footage of our sessions on Youtube, Vimeo etc or stream on Twitch/Youtube, you must have this template at the top of your description. Failure to comply with this rule may result in your being removed from future sessions. We require this template to be used to give clear precise information about our community and how to get involved.

Pre-Recorded Video Description Template:
The mission shown is “GAMETYPE (COOP/PVP)” on “MAP NAME”, through “YOUR NAME”‘s perspective. 

Q: What is Olympus Gaming? 
A: Olympus Gaming is a group founded in mid 2015 with a focus on creating an immersive and fun Arma 3 experience for its players with custom made missions throughout various environments and theaters with a emphasis on realism and teamplay. Check out more about the community here:

Q: How can I join the Olympus community and play in these missions? 
A: Go to the Arma page on the website here: and follow our setup instructions!

Q: Does Olympus play other games? 
A: Yes, they are a multi-game community that also hosts multiple other official and non-official sessions for various other games like Hearts of Iron, Star Citizen and more! 


Twitch Stream Description Panel:
Title: N/A
Image: LINK
Image Link
# The Community
I am a member of the Olympus Gaming community, they are a large multi-game community that was founded in mid 2015

# Olympus Tactical Realism
Olympus Tactical Realism is Olympus Gaming’s Arma 3 branch that runs Arma 3 sessions every weekend with immersive and missions for it’s members with custom made scenarios that span various environments and theaters with an emphasis on realism and team-play.

# How to join
If you wish to join Olympus Gaming for it’s Arma sessions or any of the other sessions that they run such as Star Citizen or Hearts of Iron IV, go to their website via the link below and go to the appropriate game page for instructions. You can also just join their Discord and ask about their many game sessions, they will be happy to help you.

# Links
**[Discord Server](**

What it should look like:

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