Hearts of Iron IV Rules

These rules must be followed during our Hearts of Iron IV sessions.

War Justification

  • No manual justification of war until either 1939 or 100% World Tension.
    If you gain a claim or have an existing one, you may justify for that claim and when the war is over you must only take that claim and nothing else, the rest of the territory needs to be let go. 
    If you gain a War Goal via a focus or event you may go to war and take whatever you want.


  • Divisions containing any type of tank is not allowed.
  • No Volunteers can be sent to Ethiopia before 1937.


  • You cannot influence a player’s ideology without their consent.
  • You cannot release nations while at war.
  • No Coups vs Players.
  • No Denying the Rhineland


  • Maximum of 3 Majors per faction.
  • Majors at game start: UK, Germany, Russia, USA, Spain, China, Brazil, Japan, France, and Italy
  • Minors may become Majors during the game if the number of total factories in that nation go over 50.
  • If a minor becomes a major while already in a faction with 3 majors inside of it, they do not have to leave the faction.
  • USA, Germany and Russia cannot go into a faction with each-other in any combination.
  • Only 2 factions may be at war with each-other at the same time (This is prevent 2 factions working together to stomp another)


  • One Line Arty or Anti Tank per 10 combat width, this does not include the support battalions.
  • No foot infantry with tanks in the same division.

Peace Conferences

  • If you are still at war when you go into a peace conference you cannot puppet any nation during a conference.
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